About Me

Welcome to my blog!

This blog was established by Diana Alkhayyat in Apr 2nd, 2011. It expresses Diana’s thoughts, opinions and aspects only.

Diana,  is a journalist graduated from Birzeit University in 2013, started blogging in Spring – 2011 for the very first time in her life. She likes voluntary work and finished more than 400 voluntary work hours inside and outside Birzeit University campus in various aspects and activities, and with different associations such as Filistin ashabab magazine, PYALARA (The Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership And Rights Activation), and RISOL (Relief International Schools Online). In addition, I have trained in sever news agencies and radios during the past three years.

She loves writing, travelling, shopping, ADORE cats and passionate about reading and photography!

She chose studying journalism because being a Palestinian induced her to serve the Palestinian cause and play a role in developing her country, and perhaps try to change the world’s view for the Palestinian cause. Therefore, she has a huge believe and responsibility towards her country.

Diana who lives in Ramallah, occupied Palestinian territory, is a very ambitious person; she aims to continue her studies to get a Masters degree in Social networking, communicating and International Relations.

Hope you like it here! 

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